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Town leaders take the grassroots large-scale survey

release date:2021-12-30

On the afternoon of August 13, 2018, Liang Rongye, Secretary of the town Party committee, led a team to visit and investigate the two doubling enterprises in the town. Through on-site visits, discussions and exchanges, they had an in-depth understanding of the current development of the enterprises, helped the enterprises solve the difficulties encountered in development, and further promoted the enterprises to take root and become bigger and stronger.


Liang Rongye, Secretary of the town Party committee and Yin Eban, deputy mayor of the town, accompanied by relevant personnel of the town private science and Technology Bureau, visited Dongguan VIDE Technology Co., Ltd. Liang Rongye and his party visited the enterprise's R & D center, laboratory, production workshop and other places to learn more about the enterprise's R & D and production. After the field investigation, Liang Rongye and his party had a discussion with the person in charge of the enterprise. The person in charge of Weidou technology introduced the basic situation of the enterprise, R & D patents and the next development plan.


When he learned that the enterprise was unable to expand production due to site constraints, Liang Rongye asked relevant staff to follow up on the spot to help solve the problem. He said that the enterprise has made important contributions to the economic and social development of Liaobu. The town Party committee and government will do their best to do a good job in the service of the enterprise and help the enterprise grow faster. He hopes to continue to follow the development path of independent innovation, standardize management, continue to expand the brand effect of the enterprise and make the enterprise bigger and stronger.