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2013CPSE Expo: Hikvision's highlights gather

release date:2021-12-30

From October 29 to November 1, the 14th CPSE safety Expo was grandly held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Hikvision grandly participated in the exhibition with all new products, technologies and solutions, as well as the "Fluorite" micro video business just released.

"Sharing hdiy new security and imagining mobile Internet" is the theme of Hikvision's exhibition, which fully reflects Hikvision's determination to continue to explore in depth in the security industry and its exploration and preparation to enter the Internet field. Hikvision exhibited the industry's first smart IPC series intelligent network camera of "micro intelligence ? great wisdom" and the complete HD product chain of HD application and management, 8 million HD IPC, 5 million real-time HD IPC, 60 frame 2 million pixel IPC, 2 million HD automatic tracking ball and other new security products.

Hikvision displays a variety of high and new technologies, which are eye-catching. Such as leading h.265 technology, 5A HD technology, smooth display engine, binocular stereo vision, large database face retrieval, cloud storage and other intelligent forward-looking technologies, a new generation of single soldier system, parking guidance and reverse car search system, as well as the overall solution of intelligent safe city in the era of big data based on it, IP, HD, intelligence, Internet of things and cloud computing, and more in finance, transportation System solutions based on the application needs of industries such as energy, building, justice, culture, education and health fully embody the concept of "HD DIY", As Hu Yangzhong, President of Hikvision, said at the president meeting on the 28th: "In 2013, the HD application of security showed a trend of comprehensive popularization and cross-border development: it expanded from specific occasions to more subdivided fields and deeply integrated with the business management of various subdivided industries. A new security era of visual management application based on HD and intelligent technology has come. Facing the complex and personalized HD application needs of users, customized intelligent HD solution will be the new security solution Typical characteristics of the times. "